Who We Are

In A Nutshell

At GEMS Cambridge International School – Nairobi, our mission is to inspire students to become knowledgeable leaders with a global vision. We help our students develop character through a supportive and culturally diverse community, with an emphasis on positive relationships to help build their self-esteem and confidence in a rapidly changing world.

Our school offers an engaging and challenging academic environment that gives students both the desire to learn and the skills to achieve at the highest level based on an English curriculum. We believe in the importance of a rigorous, holistic education and encourage students to develop their talents and abilities through involvement in the fine arts, athletics, school clubs, and service organizations.

“…our school is a great place to equip your child with extraordinary integrity, unquestionable ability, and life-long service to the global community.”

The GEMS Cambridge International School – Nairobi, is just one of a wider network of GEMS international schools (including 90 schools in 15 countries) that educates students in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Our global outlook has made us the preferred choice for students from around the world. This international character adds an exciting dimension to our community and the educational experience we provide. It also provides you with the opportunity to transfer your child between GEMS schools if your circumstances were to change.

Whether you are located in Nairobi and would like to enroll your child as a day student, or live further afield and are considering enrolling your child as one of our boarders, our school is a great place to equip your child with extraordinary integrity, unquestionable ability, and life-long service to the global community.

Our Principal, Scott Webber, and our exceptionally qualified faculty and staff invite you to tour our website, then join us in person for a visit to our campus.

Our Teachers

At GEMS, we select well-trained educators who have a passion for molding today’s young minds into tomorrow’s great success stories.

So, what makes a great GEMS teacher?

  • GEMS Quality Standards – High quality teachers all creating educational excellence
  • The Right Tools – A world of resources and tools at their fingertips
  • Global Outlook – A vibrant community of professionals connected in 16 countries
  • Pioneering People – Engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge

Our academic goal at GEMS Cambridge International Nairobi is to provide the best tools for each student to learn, excel in college, and comprehend with a worldview. Our teaching ethos is based on five main goals:

  • We work to help our students excel academically
  • We work to build student confidence, initiative and independence
  • We work to give every student the personally tailored support they need to thrive
  • We work to develop strong and constructive relationships with you, the parents and guardians.

But we’re not just about academic excellence. At GEMS Cambridge International School – Nairobi we believe in a well-rounded education that ensures every individual student thrives and discovers their own strengths and abilities, whatever their passion or talents. The curriculum of each division broadens the gaps in education and facilitates the route to become well-rounded, young adults and ultimately, successful global citizens.