2 May 2018


The Making of A Star


What is the measure greatness? Is it by the level of education, political affiliation, social-economic status? Is winning more important than kindness? How do we become valuable members of the society? These are some of the tough teaching points that educator just like parents tackle every day with the objective of instilling in our children the values that build character.

Every week the primary section is given a theme, better known as ‘Value of the Week’. The value of the week form the basis for awarding the ’star of the week’; who is essentially the student who has best lived up to the given theme that week.

Star of the week is our weekly recognition programme for our primary students. They are proud to clinch the title and receive the accompanying certificate in front of their peers who sometimes nominate the Star of The Week themselves.

While the students are expected to be at their very best every day, the Star of the Week is the GEMS way of instilling enduring qualities and competencies that our students should carry for the rest of their lives and in turn become fruitful members of society

At last Friday’s assembly, the year 6s put up a good show; (as we have come as to expect of assembly performances) but there was more to their presence on stage than just showbiz. They forced us to think; by putting together a few scenarios (with the help of Mr Kristian) which depicted every day choices that the students (and all of us really) that they have to make. Choices like; stopping to help a friend who has fallen down or leaving him/her on the ground because it is more important to win the race.

As the students go about their school activities, the adults around them (Teachers) watch closely and also from afar as they look out for the good scholarly and life choices they make.

Values of the week which fit into the wider GEMS Education’s core values help the students understand and accept the importance of enduring competencies like kindness, resilience, creativity, respect, determination, commitment, aspiration and inspiration. Today’s society has seemingly forgotten about these qualities and recognizes the material accomplishments of individuals more than is necessary.

Above all, this little award ceremony teaches our young ones that little things like making a new student feel welcome or putting in a little extra effort in school work does count; regardless of whether they receive recognition or not. It is a great feeling to see them cheer each other on and proudly flash their certificates. By the time they get to high school, they don’t need to have their teachers’ guidance throughout the weeks because these values are engrained. This is evidenced by the numerous initiatives taken up by the older students like raising money for children’s homes or the recent Autism Awareness Week initiative.

While super stars worldwide are well known and respected for their respective crafts, we have total respect for individuals who seek to make a mark on the world and serve others rather than simply looking out for themselves. It’s the GEMS way.

These are the kind of stars we are making!


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