3 Nov 2017


We Are The Nation, We Need Attention

And they certainly got it!

Last Friday’s Super Citizen assembly was a lot of fun!

In a change from the usual (and always refreshing) entertainment from GEMS students, we had the talented ‘Billian Music Family’ on stage, with our students losing the battle to restrain themselves from moving (as far as their seats would allow) to the beat.

Billian Music Family is exactly that; a group of talented youngsters brought together by their love of music and the arts by a gentleman named Billian. Billian, a musician, has turned his love of music into a community development project.  The project is a vehicle through which entertainment and education are combined to feed the musical ambitions of Mathare’s youth.

How did they end up on the GEMS stage? Billian met Kristian (GEMS’ Head of Primary) at Billian’s “We are the Nation” documentary launch. This chance meeting led to an invitation for the Billian Music Family to showcase their talent on the GEMS Nairobi stage. The documentary, featuring the Billian Music Family children, highlights the need for the inclusivity of youth in the nation building agenda.

Most of our students, understandably, have never been to Mathare but this Friday they interacted with part of it. Not the poverty stricken, crime ridden bit that is associated with the slum but one that is optimistic about the future and relishes making the most of today, by sharing musical talents with the world.

The lesson for our students – talent certainly has nothing to do with financial ability. As Stephen King put it “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

Check out their music video below!

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