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26 Feb 2018


Paul Watuwa says sport is deeply embedded into his DNA. It is therefore no wonder that his decision to take up BTEC sport last year resulted in a win for both him and the school! On February 3, 2018, Pearson held their annual award ceremony ....

23 Feb 2018


An afternoon spent at the GEMS Nairobi campus kitchen reminds me of one of my favorite BBC TV Shows. I always wonder what point in the contestant’s life they perfected their meringue making skills while I’m still struggling with ...

6 Feb 2018


Parental involvement is a key part of ensuring excellent learning outcomes for students of all ages. Aside from the emotional, material and legal responsibility of parents to provide an education for their children, ..

29 Jan 2018


The students at GEMS Nairobi are indeed a privileged lot, something that they are constantly reminded of. As they grow academically, the school is keen to help them to develop enduring competencies...

20 Dec 2017


It's Tuesday afternoon and for little book lovers at GEMS Nairobi, an afternoon of travel to faraway places, a chance to meet new people and perhaps even create their own story...........

15 Dec 2017


According to a UNESCO report it is estimated that 246 million children and adolescents experience school violence and bullying in some form every year. 50 years ago..........

3 Dec 2017


Do you know what the future holds for humanity let alone for education? Neither does our scholarly key speaker at the Future of Education conference held last week....

29 Nov 2017


We are proud to host an elite panel of educators from Cambridge, Yale, Imperial, Stanford and Scad, to speak on the theme: 'How do we prepare young people for the world of 2030 and beyond?' - Click to view our Livestream!

22 Nov 2017


This year, GEMS Nairobi became an accredited Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre meaning the school is licensed to deliver the award programme to its students. Under the leadership of Mr Michael Muteshi, an award recipient himself, the school is keen to have our students participate in this world wide recognized award scheme to support their personal development and as a result boost their chances of enrolling in great universities worldwide and leverage themselves positively in the job market.

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