The Boarding House

If you are considering taking your child to boarding school, GEMS Cambridge International School – Nairobi offers a safe and secure weekly or full-term boarding facility for boys and girls from Year 7 (11 years of age) upwards. The boarding house is a comfortable and welcoming home-away-from-home for happy students of all ages. We have created a nurturing environment and provide clear behavioural guidelines and structure for a diverse range of students.

“The boarding house is a comfortable and welcoming home-away-from-home for happy students of all ages.”

Experience a unique co-educational experience

We offer a unique co-educational experience that accommodates male and female students in one complex. We have created exclusive areas for boys and girls, as well as common areas where students can mix freely and enjoy time after school with their friends.

This creates a close-knit, family environment. And every GEMS student is cared for by dedicated ‘house parents’ and a committed team of residential staff.

A comfortable and relaxed environment

In our boarding house, we have four to six students sharing a bedroom (dependent on age). Each child has a lockable wardrobe, night stand, and bedside light. All bedding linen and towels are provided by the school. Students learn to take care of their own personal space as well as contributing to the overall care of the house and equipment provided.

The boarding house has student common rooms with satellite TV and a range of recreational facilities.

Study rooms on each floor are fitted out with individual desks and project areas. Homework or prep sessions are given priority and are scheduled every evening from Monday to Friday. Students are supervised at homework time and during all activities and outings.

The swimming pool, indoor sports arena, running track, ICT labs and other facilities are available for use by the boarders out of school hours, under supervision.

Weekend activities include outdoor games and sports, indoor games, creative sessions, movie nights, cinema and theatre visits, outings to the Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre and plenty more.

On Sundays, dedicated transport and supervision are provided for students who wish to attend church services.


Our mentorship programme is a key part of our commitment to identifying and nurturing each child’s individual potential. Each student who boards with us is connected with a mentor who supports their individual learning and development objectives.

All our mentors are residential staff whose role is to inspire, challenge and empower your child and monitor their social, personal and academic progress.


A fully-fitted kitchen and dining hall are situated in the school block. All food is freshly prepared on site each day and menus are designed specifically to provide a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.

Students regularly suggest additions to the menu which are carefully considered before we make any changes.

Meal times are fixed in the schedule and all students and boarding staff eat together.


We have our own laundry room which provides laundry services to all students at no extra charge. All students’ clothing must be clearly labelled to avoid any items being lost. A weekly schedule allows for separate laundry days for boys and girls.


Security is our top priority at the boarding house. You can find out more about our approach to safety and security here. We have three security guards posted at the boarding house at all times, in addition to the grounds security guards.

Boarders are not allowed to leave the property unless it is for a planned school activity or outing. Full-term boarders may have weekends away from the boarding hostel subject to a written request from their parents. This should be received by the boarding manager before Thursday 12 pm.

Health and wellbeing

A qualified and highly-experienced school nurse lives on campus and is always on duty to assist boarders with medical problems. The nurse also contributes to the menu selection and ensures all students receive the nutrition and daily exercise they need to enjoy a healthy and well-balanced life.

There is also a wide range of afterschool activities to keep boarders active and fulfilled.