20 Dec 2017


The GEMS Book Club

It’s Tuesday afternoon and for little book lovers at GEMS Nairobi, an afternoon of travel to faraway places, a chance to meet new people and perhaps even create their own story.

The GEMS bookworms meet every Tuesday afternoon at the library which at this particular time turns into a time machine, a spaceship, a zoo and even the beach! The reading club is made up of certified bookworms who choose to discover the world page by page.

Ms Evelyn, the librarian, begins the afternoon by reading them a story. But it’s not just about narration, the bookworms take it all in because, she expects them to tell it in their own words afterwards.

In a world that’s gadget obsessed, it’s refreshing to see boys and girls who value the story, not the story behind the story or story teller.

So what are the bookworms reading?

It is said that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Young or old everyone needs to expand their thinking, broaden their horizons and ignite their imagination. Books are a great way to achieve that!

A society that reads more is enlightened and as a result more productive. What’s your favourite book?

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