17 Jul 2018

GEMS Africa Annual School Review

GEMS Africa Annual School Review.

All GEMS schools globally, participate in an Annual Education Review as part of the regular Monitoring and Quality Assurance Meetings that are held each term to: share information, ensure early intervention and offer expert support.

GEMS Global Education Standards, informed by KHDA and Ofsted Inspection Frameworks, underpinned by GEMS Values; inform Teaching and Learning. They enable teachers and school leaders to shape and deliver a comprehensive offer that ensures that high quality teaching is delivered consistently across all GEMS Schools to ensure that effective learning takes place.

The central focus of each Independent Annual Education Review is to measure the progress of the school, addressing the recommendations from the most recent review or inspection as a starting point and will include Teaching & Learning, Leadership       & Management, Student Attainment & Progress, and Statutory Compliance. Additional focus areas may be added following negotiation with the Principal and SLT against the school’s priorities.

This is a rigorous process, based on evidence, to evaluate developments against the framework descriptors in discrete areas as well as forming an overall graded judgement.

In partnership with the SLT, a schedule of lesson observations were carried out.

While the review was developmental, the most recent GEMS Educational Standards and descriptors informed judgements which were triangulated with book scrutinies, student attainment, attitudes to learning and progress within the lesson.

Other sources of evidence included meetings with Principal, Heads of Primary & Secondary Schools, the extended Senior Leadership Team, Subject Heads of Department, Data Manager, Head of BTEC, Head of Inclusion, and students, including the Student Council and members of the Parent Body.

Lead Reviewer: Eric Jamieson (Independent Education Consultant:  GEMS Global Academic Council). 

Eric Jamieson is an independent consultant member of the GEMS Global Academic Council, with the express purpose of guiding the ongoing strategic development of a highly innovative education design for the world’s largest independent education provider.

He has comprehensive experience in a range of sectors as an Educator. His many high level leadership roles have involved him in directly leading a        significant reform agenda in the Australian education system for 40 years.

Eric has made substantial contributions as an educational leader throughout an extensive and remarkable career.

Most recently, he has been guiding the development of an innovative initiative in which schools throughout New South Wales (NSW) are designing and        developing creative new approaches to promoting profound change in the   delivery of education for their communities.

In his previous role as Director—High Performance, he led the design and       development of a high-order, possibilities driven approach to strategic planning for the 2200+ public schools in NSW education.

Review Report—April 30,2018

This review report has been prepared to provide the school community of GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi with an overview of the main features of the 2018 GEMS Annual Education Review.

Executive Summary

The annual review for 2018 had a strong developmental focus. Its purpose was to consider the quality and impact of school practice and how effective the school’s current approach has been to ensuring significant student progress and development.

This is consistent with the school’s stated aim which is to establish high quality teaching and learning that will produce outstanding student results.

The review concentrated on the following key areas:

  • Student learning experiences and achievements from Early Years to Year 13
  • The quality of teaching design and delivery throughout the school
  • The school’s Leadership and Management in guiding ongoing strategic development.

Overall, the review found that there has been significant positive change     occurring at the school during the past 12 months.

Almost universally throughout the school, it was observed and reported that there has been noticeable development in the quality of teaching design and delivery compared with the findings of the 2017 annual review.

This has been the result of a strategic and concerted effort by the school’s leadership and staff in working collectively to create a learning culture that is

positive, collaborative, energetic and purposeful. It has involved providing broad ranging learning experiences for students that are engaging and highly effective in promoting student learning.

Students were clearly immersed in learning throughout all observed lessons. During class discussions and when asked by reviewers, they could articulate an understanding of the learning concepts being delivered in lessons. This was reinforced by the school’s own assessment data that reflects significant overall progress being made by students at the school. As this learning progress      continues, it is reasonable to expect external examination results will          considerably improve during the next few years.

There were many highlights of overall school practice observed during the   review that included;

¨ The structure and variety of lessons.

¨ The interest and engagement of students in their learning.

¨ A deep understanding by teachers of the individual strengths of students.

¨ The progress and needs of all students.

¨ An exceptional Early Years Programme.

¨ Outstanding programmes in curriculum areas such as: Aquatics,

Performing Arts and BTEC, as well as

¨ The excellent approach to Inclusion at the school which effectively caters for students with more complex learning needs.

Several important areas were also identified throughout the review as a focus for ongoing growth and development.

  1. The development of a big picture, outward looking and possibilities driven vision for the future of the School in the next stage of development over 3-5 years is essential.
  2. Expanding the current programme for Continuing Professional Development to focus on the Professional Learning for Leadership                  development.
  3. A holistic focus on creativity, collaboration and connection will enable significant ongoing growth to be achieved in teaching and learning.
  4. A holistic, strategic and integrated approach to pastoral care for students and staff will be an important component to achieving and sustaining ongoing growth and development at the School.

Understanding the Overall Judgement:

Overall judgement: Very Good (5).

There is a six point scale for the overall        judgement from Unacceptable (1) – Outstanding (6).

Very Good indicates that the school exceeds expectations in all aspects of the GEMS Global Inspection Framework which takes account of the KHDA and Ofsted Inspection Frameworks.


This judgement of Very Good places CIN in the top Quartile / 25% of GEMS Schools worldwide

“I am pleased to advise the School achieved an overall rating of Very Good for the review.…”

-Eric Jamieson, Review Leader



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