BTEC stands for Business and Technology Education Council and it has earned its reputation as the world’s most successful applied learning qualification, providing students with a clear line of sight into work. BTECs offer active learning in a vocational context that, in turn, builds students’ confidence, competence and motivation.

At GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi we have created these qualifications to help our students to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding through practical and work-related activities in real life contexts so that they can apply what they have learnt.

Our BTEC Programmes have consistently received outstanding external inspection reports from Pearson. BTECs are structured into two levels i.e.

  • Level 2 for Year 10/11 students (14 – 16 year olds)
  • Level 3 for Year 12/13 (16 – 18 year olds) students


We are fully approved to offer the BTEC Business, Performing arts, Hospitality, Sport, Travel and Tourism

It is now widely acknowledged that the job market is changing rapidly and whilst knowledge is important, enterprising skills such as adaptability, creative thinking and decision making are highly sought after skills.

Students work on assignments, both individually and in groups, such as a group event or manager-employee role-play. BTEC courses provide opportunities for students to gather evidence in a wide variety of ways other than written text, e.g. film clips, project proposals, business plans and training booklets. Most assignments will also be linked to the real workplace through visits or visiting speakers.

The progress of individuals is monitored by teachers who provide personal support and guidance, helping students develop their learning skills and to reach their full potential. Students get to learn progressively starting from small-scale and simple topics, progressing to larger more complex themes.

The course is assessed 100% by coursework and students may achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction (equivalent to E, C and A respectively).  In summary,

Students wishing to choose a BTEC course should have a minimum of 4 x A* – C grades including English at C or above.