23 Apr 2018


5 Innovative approaches to develop your child’s reading at home

While GEMS Education has been in existence for decades now, we have to acknowledge that we are not masters of all things education. That is why we engage different specialists who are proficient in different areas of learning and teaching.

A good example is the programme in guided reading by Mary Mcloughlin and Rose Carr who have been working with our teachers, students and parents to ensure the reading abilities of the students.

This week the reading specialists had quite an enjoyable sit down with our parents whose theme was “Achieving a balanced reader”. Amongst the useful insight on how parents can help boost their children’s reading ability are the following common mistakes.

  1. Covering pictures and illustrations while your child is reading

Illustrations help the reader to decode the information. Allow your child to view and translate what they see. Illustrations are not there just to look good; they provide additional information and help in comprehension.

  1. Making reading a task

Reading (especially at introductory level) should be something enjoyable. Making your child read just to tick that part of their ‘to-do’ list will turn them off. Role-play, Q &As and any other activities that support the story make reading fun.

  1. Comparing

We are as different as our abilities. Comparing your child’s reading level to that of their peers, friends or even siblings is a bad idea. Support your child and help them improve instead

  1. Confusing, Decoding and Comprehension

Just because a child can read (sound out the words) and even retell the story in its proper sequence does not mean they understand the meaning. You can assess their comprehension by asking questions, going through the meaning of the different words etc

  1. Not reading yourself

“Do as I say not as I do” will not work when it comes to instilling the love of reading in your child. Lead by example. It is good for you too! What are you reading?

The ladies introduced the colour band system, which ensures “The right book is in the hands of the right child” according to their individual capabilities. They are quite pleased with the progress made, this year alone- as far as reading goes.

How do you instil the love of reading in your child?

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