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The Future of Education

On 29th November 2017, the GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi hosted a panel of educators to discuss the future of education and how to prepare your children for the world of 2030 and beyond. Watch now to learn more.

Latest Updates

20 Dec 2017


It’s Tuesday afternoon and for little book lovers at GEMS Nairobi, an afternoon of travel to faraway places, a chance to meet new people and perhaps even create their own story. The GEMS bookworms meet every Tuesday afternoon at the library which at this particular time turns into a time machine, a spaceship, a zoo and even the beach! The reading club is made up of certified bookworms who choose to discover the world page by page.

15 Dec 2017


According to a UNESCO report it is estimated that 246 million children and adolescents experience school violence and bullying in some form every year. 50 years ago, a bully was defined as someone who physically picks on others who are perceived as weaker. But as GEMS Nairobi’s year 10 student, Blessings Ndungu explained to her peers at the schools anti-bullying assembly, a few weeks ago bullying has since transformed into varying forms of relational aggression and it has multiple channels. It is not so easy to physically identify bullies anymore. “Anyone who intentionally makes you feel bad about yourself is a bully”, Blessings explained.

3 Dec 2017


Do you know what the future holds for humanity let alone for education? Neither does our scholarly key speaker at the Future of Education conference held last week, November 29, 2017, Prof Edward Kiesewetter.

Learn. Aspire. Be

Welcome to Kenya and welcome to GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi. Our mission is to inspire students to become knowledgeable leaders with a global vision and develop character through a supportive and diverse community.

At the heart of the GEMS Cambridge International Nairobi experience is an engaging and challenging academic environment that gives students the desire and skills to achieve at the highest level based on an English curriculum. Outside of the classroom, students develop their talents and abilities through involvement in fine arts, athletics, school clubs, and service organizations.